After 4 rounds of the ITU World Triathlon series the competition is really hotting up.

Elite Men Standings after 4 rounds

 Javier Gomez, Jonathan Brownlee and Mario Mola retain their top three positions in the same order although Mola closes the gap on Brownlee with his win in London.  Aaron Royle drops 2 places with South African Richard Murray and Ryan Bailie climbing to 4th and 5th respectively. Other movers being Joao Pereira and Alistair Brownlee who both climbed 6 places.  Its looking more and more like a four person contest but anything can happen so can’t wait for the next round in Chicago on June 27-29th.


Javier Gomez

After 3 Rounds After 4 Rounds
1 Javier Gomez 2400 2942
2 Jonathan Brownlee 2066 2652
3 Mario Mola 1837 2637
4 Richard Murray 1271 2011
5 Ryan Bailie 1173 1674
6 Aaron Royle 1517 1600
7 Vincent Luis 965 1394
8 Aaron Harris 1043 1333
9 Joao Pereira 642 1327
10 Alistair Brownlee 633 1266


Elite Women – Standings after 4 rounds

Gwen Jorgensen’s outstanding win in London and Jodie Stimpson’s less than expected effort means that they swapped 1st and 2nd places in the overall standings. They have two wins a piece thus far. Sarah Groff’s second place means she climbed 4 places to 3rd. Helen Jenkins remains in contention with that phenomenal run leg to give her 7th place and 4th in the standings. The Australian Emma Jackson’s third place and Italian Alice Betto’s fourth place means they have moved up the rankings whilst Canadian Sarah-Anne Brault and the German Anne Haug slip down.  There is still a long way to go so it still an open contest.


Gwen Jorgensen

After 3 Rounds After 4 Rounds
1 Gwen Jorgensen 1824 2642
2 Jodie Stimpson 2029 2396
3 Sarah Groff 1219 1959
4 Helen Jenkins 1425 1926
5 Emma Jackson 994 1679
6 Alice Betto 1015 1648
7 Sarah-Anne Brault 1331 1487
8 Anne Haug 1282 1282
9 Emma Moffat 1220 1220
10 Juri Ide 776 1115

All images are copyright – Ian Campbell – photography

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