Last week I had the opportunity to interview some of the international athletes that are represented by Run-Fast, a sports management company set up by Peter McHugh De Clare.

They were a fun bunch of people to chat to and very welcoming.  They were here in the UK for several weeks primarily to race.  Last weekends racing was very successful with wins at Cardiff and Basingstoke half marathons and Bournemouth marathon.  Athletes – Ben Siwa, Gladys Yator, Gladys Kwambai, Joan Chelimo, Jonah ChesumGROUP SHOT 1_DSC5537

One thing that really resonated with me was how they treat their running as a job, after all its their primary if not only source of income.  Now for us mere mortals who have jobs and fit in running as a hobby and pastime we could only dream of training like a full time athlete. But there are some take aways that we could use and incorporate as part of our training.

  • Recovery time – sleep is important. Don’t waste time valuable sleep time checking emails, surfing the web just before you hit the pillow.
  • Dedicated training times – schedule your training sessions in your planner like meetings.
  • Make every session have a purpose – don’t just do junk miles. Even when these guys have an easy session and run slowly it has a purpose.
  • Focus on training blocks so you can incorporate strength work, core work, speed work etc. Trying to do everything at once will not only be impossible but also detrimental to your performances but you should do it to see improvement.

Remember the training cycle flow:

  • Conditioning – improve core strength, technical skills, efficiency
  • Base training – improve and strengthen metabolic efficiency
  • Strength – intensity, hills, tempo sessions
  • Speed – faster sessions, intervals, fine tuning
  • Race – perform
  • Recovery – rest and rebuild for next training cycle

These can be compressed into shorter periods rather than a traditional 4 to 6 month marathon training cycle.  Experiment and see what works for you.

Many thanks to Tom Payn from Run-Fast for organising the day.

Run-Fast is an international sports management company representing elite athletes striving to succeed in their professional careers. We are dedicated to assisting our athletes in reaching their full potential, to enable them to go beyond their normal limits to reach their goals. Every individual athlete is important to us and our aim is to pursue the opportunities and goals that best suit their specific talents and abilities.

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