The Beachy Head Marathon is possibly one of my favourite marathons. I have completed it three times, although have entered it another three times but missed out on those years due to injury. My best time being back in 2006 when I was in flying form.

28/10/2006 Beachy Head 03.35.00
23/10/2010 Beachy Head 04.08.00
23/10/2013 Beachy Head 04.11.09

Beachy Head Marathon-Map&Profile-0

Its a beautiful course starting from St Bedes school and traversing around the Sussex Downs, through Jevington, Alfriston, Litlington, Birling Gap, over the Seven Sisters and past Beachy Head Lighthouse  to finish back at the school.  Along the way you will have around 3,500ft of climbing, including several flights of steps at East/West Dean and if your lucky you will hear the bagpiper at the top of those steps.

Beachy Head Marathon-Map&Profile-1

Beachy Head Marathon – Lovely undulations!

I am coming back from yet another injury (sprained ankle in August) and so this will be my first proper race since then. I have had quite a good period of training over the last four weeks so feel fairly confident as my endurance is good, but I am not got my speed back up to where it needs to be.  Some serious speed-work is required.

My goal race time will be to:

 Goal Target Time   Pace
A 03:59:54 9:09 min miles
B 04:10:50 9:34 min miles
C 04:21:45 9:59 min miles

No more training to be done now other than a short hill session over the weekend and a few light tune ups during the week.  Roll on Beachy Head !!


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