The Thames Meander Marathon took place this last Saturday. Organised by Hermes Running the race is set as the name would suggest along the River Thames. I completed it in a rather slow 04:02:20, but, it was only a week since I had done the Beachy Head Marathon and back from that ankle injury!

Starting on the outskirts of Kingston Upon Thames the race meanders along the tow path through some beautiful riverside scenery.  This weekend there was a rowing regatta, so lots of rowing clubs out on the water with supporters cheering loudly along the banks, just watch out for those cyclists who seem to hare along the towpaths expecting pedestrians and runners alike to make way as they look fixedly on the water and not in the direction of travel!

The race started at 0915 just after the local Park-Run had set off, so they got a massive cheer from the 300+ people waiting to start the marathon.  David Ross (RD) gave an inspirational speech and the marathon started with a quick out and back westwards and then we came back past the start gantry to commence the 24+ miles of out and back eastwards.  The weather was unseasonably warm but started off with a light shower that eased off quite quickly to really quite glorious weather, unbelievable for November.

Coming straight off an up and down course like Beachy Head it was hard going to just keep running. I found my quads tiring at around 20 miles or so. (note to self – must get some long flat runs in – oh Saxon Shore Marathon in three weeks – that will do!)

This course is really as flat as a pancake and therefore no excuse to stop as evidenced by the winning time of Ed Catmur (02:36:46) which just shows you how fast this course can be.  Top three men’s and women’s results below. Full results on this link.  Hermes Running.

 Men’s Result

Place Name Time
1st Ed Catmur 02:36:46
2nd Martin Proctor 02:51:28
3rd Andrew Clark 02:58:26

 Women’s Result

Place Name Time
1st Wendy Roberts 03:13:06
2nd Caroline Jackson 03:20:53
3rd Charley Jennings 03:21:38


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