The Mont Blanc massif

The Mont Blanc massif

The organisers of the world famous Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) today announced that pre-registration for the series of races taking place at the end of August 2015 will commence this Wednesday.  If you have the points and want to experience one of the worlds unique ultra distance events then make sure you pre register for your chance to be drawn from the lottery. Good luck!!!

Or how to experience a fabulous adventure through 5 ultra-endurance events around Mont-Blanc !

UTMB® [Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®] : 3 countries – 170km and 10,000m ascent in semi-autonomy 2,300 runners at the start on Friday August 28th at 17:30 from Chamonix to Chamonix in 46hrs max .

CCC® [Courmayeur-Champex-Chamonix] : 3 countries – 100km and 6,000m ascent in semi-autonomy 1,900 runners at the start on Friday August 28th at 09:00 from Courmayeur to Chamonix in 26 1/2 hrs max.

TDS® [sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie] : 119 km and 7,250m ascent in semi-autonomy
1,600 runners at the start on Wednesday August 26th at 07:00 from Courmayeur to Chamonix in 33hrs max .

PTL® [la Petite Trotte à Léon] : 3 countries – around 300km and 26,000m ascent in complete autonomy.  A non-stop event without ranking open to 100 teams (250 runners max).
Starts Monday August 24th at 17:30 from Chamonix to Chamonix in 142hrs max.

OCC [Orsières-Champex-Chamonix] : 53 km and 3,300m ascent in semi-autonomy
1,200 runners at the start on Thursday August 27th at 08:00 from Orsières to Chamonix in 14 hrs max.


Registration December 17th : 10:00 for the 5 events of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®
August 24th to 30th 2015

The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® races take place along paths around Mont-Blanc which are sometimes no more than a simple trace. For reasons of security, respect of the environment and quality (respect for the runners themselves who do not want to find themselves in queues) it is necessary to limit the number of runners at the start. Since 2007, faced with an influx of requests for registration, the organisation has set up a method of selection, which is as fair as possible. There is no waiting list. Registrations are managed by overbooking in anticipation of cancellations. Therefore, all runners have the same time in which to prepare themselves.

Registration is uniquely via : http://www.ultratrailmb.com

Dates for preregistration
The period of pre-registration will be open from December 17th 2014 until January 6th 2015 during which time candidates must fill out a complete entry form, including qualifying races, for the race of their choice. This form will be validated with a payment of a 50€ deposit to be made by credit card (secure on-line payment). After a draw, the runners chosen will finalise their registration and complete their payment. Runners who are not selected will automatically have their 50€ reimbursed.

Draw : If a draw is necessary, the results will be published on January 14th 2015 at 10:00 (Paris time).

Qualifying races:
Registration for all races is not possible unless runners have finished their qualifying races between January 1st 2013 and December 31st 2014.
You may consult the list on the web-site by clicking here.

UTMB® : 8 points acquired between 01/01/2013 and 31/12/2014 (in a maximum of 3 races)
CCC® : 3 points acquired between 01/01/2013 and 31/12/2014
TDS® : 3 points acquired between 01/01/2013 and 31/12/2014
OCC : no points necessary

Points from the 2012 UTMB®, CCC® and TDS® are also valid.
Important note: the increase of the number of points required (from 7 to 8 for the UTMB®, from 2 to 3 for the CCC® and TDS®) is a transitory measure. The organisation envisages, as from 2017 registration, setting up qualification criteria including the necessity of a minimum of experience in mountain environments. More comprehensive information will be available as from February 2015.

PTL® Special: A PTL® team of 2 or 3 persons must, obligatorily, have at least 1 finisher from a previous UTMB®, PTL® or Tor des Géants®.

The team leader (who is obligatorily the UTMB®, PTL® or Tor des Géants® finisher) registers for all his team at the same time.
Registration will be open from December 17th and will stay open until the event is full.

Race tariffs:
UTMB® : 214 €
CCC® : 133 €
TDS® : 147 €
OCC : 71 €
PTL® : 670 €



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