The first Julbo sunglass designed solely for trail running. The Trail is incredibly lightweight (28 gr) with flexible frames, a wrap design for optimal hold, wide vision spectrum, and soft, ventilated Zebra lenses.2015-09-12 09.44.00 HDR

Julbo is a French brand that have been making optical sports wear since 1888. Founded by Jules Baud, Julbo are recognised for innovation and sleek design for mountaineers, sailors, mountain bikers and trail runners. In fact, just any sport, work or hobby that requires protection from the sun.

Out of the box statistics

  • Colours – White / Red / Black
  • Weight – 28grms
  • Optical clip – option for prescription
  • 3D Flex Nose – ergonomic nose piece
  • Full venting – complete ventilation allowing no fogging
  • Sipe Grip Tech – sculpted inserts to hold at the temples
  • Curved Wrapping Temples – shaped for hold
  • Panoramic – wide lens surface for all round vision
  • RX Clip – prescription clip on

2015-09-12 09.44.22Price


Field test

2015-09-12 09.43.04I was provided with a pair of these glasses by Julbo in Chamonix and decided to use them for OCC as it was going to be hot and sunny.

I wore them for the entire race and the main thing that struck me was the exquisite fit and the fact that not once did I need to take them off. When I was on the trail and was working hard and sweating not once did they need to be pushed back. When I came into an aid station the light differential was immediately adjusted and there was no need to take them off. 2015-09-12 09.42.47The nose clip once adjusted to your fit makes these glasses a pleasure to wear.

In summary, I am really pleased with the great fit, reaction to bright and dark light and their lightweight. Given their lightweight there is still sturdiness in the frame and even when dropping them there is no damage. The lens are made of a pliable plastic material



All images copyright – Ian Campbell Photography

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