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Until 24 hours ago I had never heard from the Semi Tendinosus tendon before. This little guy runs through the back of your thigh and is quite a low key but important part of the hamstrings (medial) muscles. Anyway, enough of my poor and inadequate anatomy knowledge. Coming back from La Palma I felt strong and healthy having had a great block of training preceding that trip as well as being able to take in the VK route and the run up from Los Canarios twice whilst on site in La Palma. Coming back to the UK I felt that I had achieved and had managed to get a decent amount of training in while working there covering the Transvulcania Ultramarathon for www.irunfar.com. Its always a challenge balancing training with covering a race so to get three quality sessions in one trip was good going.

Two days from returning from La Palma and I am hobbling after running two miles of a four mile recovery run on a flat Thames embankment. I was in bits. What had happened to cause this? A massage, two physio visits and diligently keeping to a twice daily strengthening regime and I am still none the wiser. What I am wise to, is that I cancelled my trip to South Africa last night and my first attempt at running Comrades. To say that I am shell shocked and devastated would be an understatement.

Now to pick myself up and get 100% uninjured and back out running. I do realise that in the overall scheme of things there are far worse things that could happen to you, just look at what happened to Dave Mackey recently (and I wish him a speedy recovery), but every runner will sympathise to the sudden taking away of a goal race. Is it worse to DNS or DNF?

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Lavaredo Ultra Trail 2014 Pre Race Press Conference

Lavaredo Ultra Trail 2014
Pre Race Press Conference

See the link to http://www.irunfar.com preview on The North Face –  Lavaredo Ultra Trail.

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