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The Aero – Light as Air – is Julbo’s latest offering for trail runners and in fact, for any activity that demands performance and comfort. The Aero offers superb all round vision and outstanding ventilation via a suspended single piece lens construction.  Zebra and Zebra Light photochromic options ensure that you receive spectacular clarity of vision even under variable light levels.   These sunglasses are a delight to wear and look great to!

Julbo, is a French brand that have been making optical sports wear since 1888. Founded by Jules Baud, Julbo are recognised for innovation and sleek design for mountaineers, sailors, mountain bikers and trail runners. In fact, just any sport, work or hobby that requires protection from the sun.

Out of the Box Statistics

  • Colours – Dark Blue/Blue,  Tortoise Shell Gray/Gray, Black/Red,  White/Grey, Black, Green/Blue
  • Weight – 26grms
  • 3D Fit Nose – ergonomically adjustable wingtips in every direction for all shape and sizes
  • Full Venting – complete ventilation allowing no fogging
  • Grip Tech – inserts at stem ends for comfort and hold
  • Front venting – Natural front air flow due to lens shape and structure
  • Air Link Temple system – shock absorbing elastomer insert for comfort and lightness


Circa £90.00

Field Test

When I first saw the Julbo Aero I was immediately impressed by a couple of things, the design of the arms and the ventilation options. I was eager to get out for a run and test how they performed.

Singles lens piece – less weight!

At 26grms these shades are slightly lighter than the Venturi by 4grms and the Trail by 2grms. Now that might not sound like a lot but every little gram counts and when it’s hot and sweaty it translates to – less weight – less to slide. How has that been done?  Well the single piece lens cuts out the need for a central nose piece and the innovative Air Link Temple system means the arms have been deconstructed. Both design features provide improvements not only in weight but in overall visibility and wear-ability.

Air Link Temple

One thing that is always sure to ruin a good run is when your shades steam up…. not so with these little beauties. I’ve come to expect superior ventilation from Julbo products, but the little tweaks they have made on the Aero provide even better ventilation. The lens cut provides a gap at the top and at the sides allowing vital airflow in while you are running and importantly when you halt. One of my tests with these was on a really hot day (yes, we did have one!) climbing up and down sets of stairs, breathing heavily like I do, head down, sweat streaming, these guys performed magnificently.

Lens cut to aid airflow

These shades provide excellent all round vision and clarity, especially when moving back and forth between sunny and shaded sections on the trail where the lens reacts quickly to the differing light conditions.

At a price of £90 they are not cheap but are competitively priced with equivalent products on the market.  They come complete with crush proof travel case and cloth pouch to keep your lovely shades safe and in pristine condition.

Look out for more updates on these shades as I give them a thorough testing over the next six to nine months.

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Julbo have been making optical sports wear since 1888.  I tested the Julbo Venturi  whilst recently in Portugal.  A pair of sunglasses might seem like a simple object but Julbo listen to their athletes and design sleek looking glasses that not only look good but also provide unbeatable performance.



Out of the box statistics 

  • Colours – Blue/Green, Matt Black/Grey, White/Green, Matt Black/Red, Matt Black/Blue, Shiny Black/Grey
  • Weight – 30grms
  • Grip Tech – inserts at stem end for comfort
  • Curved Wrapping Temples – shaped for hold
  • Panoramic – wide lens surface for broad vision
  • 3D Fit Nose – adjustable in every direction to ensure perfect fit





Field test

I have just returned from a vacation in Portugal where I did a fair bit of running, sightseeing and relaxing on the beach. I know… its a tough life!  I took a pair of Venturi’s as my go to pair of sunglasses having just been given them by Julbo. Now I am torn between the Julbo Trail and these cracking pair of sunglasses.

As you would expect in late summer early autumn in Portugal there is still fair bit of sun and the Venturi’s performed excellently whether I was out for my morning run or on the beach with the family.


Unbeatable hold through adjustable arms

Let’s start with the fit. Julbo have this nailed.   On the Venturi you have the ability to flex the nose grip to get a perfect fit with their 3D Fit Nose technology. The arms can be adjusted to make sure that they sit properly and have the best hold.

Now for what I think is the best feature, Julbo have got the best lens around. They call it Zebra Light it adjusts the lens brightness instantly. So you know when you are running in bright sunlight and then suddenly drop into shade, its usually takes a few seconds to adjust but the Venturi crack on with it instantly.


3D Nose Fit for a perfect match

Also, with their anti-fog ability there is none of that awful misting up that means you have to wipe them or wait for them to clear. The little side vents on the lens help with this – a neat little feature that aids ventilation but does nothing to the overall panoramic vision which by the way is superb.

At 30grms these glasses are lightweight and after having worn them for long runs of 2 – 3 hours and then most of the day they were a delight to wear.


Zebra Light Lenses & Vent for optimal panoramic anti-fog vision

These glasses come in a range of cool colours but also have degrees of photochromic categories to tailor towards the sports and activities i.e. trail running, mountain biking, climbing, cross country skiing (cat 2 to 4) or all purpose (Cat 1 to 3).

The glasses also come in a protective case and sleeve, great for when you are travelling. At around £80 they are not necessarily cheap but you wouldn’t expect them to be if you know the heritage and investment that goes into developing them.

All images copyright – Ian Campbell – Photography





The first Julbo sunglass designed solely for trail running. The Trail is incredibly lightweight (28 gr) with flexible frames, a wrap design for optimal hold, wide vision spectrum, and soft, ventilated Zebra lenses.2015-09-12 09.44.00 HDR

Julbo is a French brand that have been making optical sports wear since 1888. Founded by Jules Baud, Julbo are recognised for innovation and sleek design for mountaineers, sailors, mountain bikers and trail runners. In fact, just any sport, work or hobby that requires protection from the sun.

Out of the box statistics

  • Colours – White / Red / Black
  • Weight – 28grms
  • Optical clip – option for prescription
  • 3D Flex Nose – ergonomic nose piece
  • Full venting – complete ventilation allowing no fogging
  • Sipe Grip Tech – sculpted inserts to hold at the temples
  • Curved Wrapping Temples – shaped for hold
  • Panoramic – wide lens surface for all round vision
  • RX Clip – prescription clip on

2015-09-12 09.44.22Price


Field test

2015-09-12 09.43.04I was provided with a pair of these glasses by Julbo in Chamonix and decided to use them for OCC as it was going to be hot and sunny.

I wore them for the entire race and the main thing that struck me was the exquisite fit and the fact that not once did I need to take them off. When I was on the trail and was working hard and sweating not once did they need to be pushed back. When I came into an aid station the light differential was immediately adjusted and there was no need to take them off. 2015-09-12 09.42.47The nose clip once adjusted to your fit makes these glasses a pleasure to wear.

In summary, I am really pleased with the great fit, reaction to bright and dark light and their lightweight. Given their lightweight there is still sturdiness in the frame and even when dropping them there is no damage. The lens are made of a pliable plastic material



All images copyright – Ian Campbell Photography