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Gwen Jorgensen and Javier Gomez were crowned 2014 ITU WTS Grand Final in Edmonton Canada.


Women’s Race

Going into Edmonton Jorgensen had an almost unassailable series lead over second place Sarah Groff and third place Jodie Stimpson.

Jorgensen took her fifth straight ITU WTS win showing her complete dominance over the season. But Jorgensen (2:00:05) did not have it all her own way as she had strong competition from the New Zealand duo, Andrea Hewitt (2:00:21) and Nicky Samuels (2:00:31) who both performed well in Stockholm and were to do the same here placing second and third respectively.  The Edmonton course was the full Olympic distance event of 1,500m swim (2 x 750m laps) , 43.2km bike (2 large loops & (4 small loops) and 10km run (4 x 2.5km laps).

Women’s Race Time
1st Gwen Jorgensen 2:00:05
2nd Andrea Hewitt 2:00:21
3rd Nicky Samuels 2:00:31
4th Sarah Groff 2:01:20
5th Aileen Reed 2:01:21

The run phase is undoubtedly Jorgensen’s strength over the rest of the field and boy did she do well. She posted a 33:24 over the 10k a full minute faster than anyone else in the pack.  With speed like that and a strong swim and bike (dropped a minute here in Edmonton this time so played catch up on the run) where there are really only a few seconds difference to the pack she is far and away the real deal and a worthy champion.

Stand out performances from Hewitt, Samuels and Groff (who fought hard to take fourth place) meant that Stimpson was demoted to fourth place in the overall series.

Women’s Series Points
1st Gwen Jorgensen 5,085
2nd Sarah Groff 3,987
3rd Andrea Hewitt 3,845
4th Jodie Stimpson 3,453
5th Nicky Samuels 3,073


Men’s Race

The race in Edmonton was all about Alistair Brownlee taking out the win for his second podium top spot of 2014 and Javier Gomez securing the 2014 ITU WTS championship for the fourth time.

Men’s Race Time
1st Alistair Brownlee 1:48:44
2nd Mario Mola 1:49:04
3rd Javier Gomez 1:49:07
4th Jonathan Brownlee 1:49:22
5th Joao Periera 1:49:44

After Javier Gomez DNF’d at Stockholm there was a gap of 282 points between himself and Jonathan Brownlee.  Gomez had to make sure he finished and stuck with Jonathan to be crowned champion.  He did exactly that, letting Alistair breakaway on the bike in the final stages and sticking with Jonny and Mario Mola. With a minute made on the bike and a strong run leg Alistair finished with a winning margin of 20 seconds. Ultimately the minute he made on the bike was lost on the run and it basically boiled down to his super fast swim.

Swim Bike Run
Alistair Brownlee 17:10 59:11 30:57
Mario Mola 17:50 1:00:03 29:49
Javier Gomez 17:26 1:00:27 29:57
Jonathan Brownlee 17:23 1:00:24 30:12

Jonny Brownlee was unable to keep up with Gomez and Mola’s run pace towards the end and came in fourth on the day and with that slipped to third overall on the rankings allowing Mola to grab second spot.

Men’s Series Points
1st Javier Gomez 4,860
2nd Mario Mola 4,601
3rd Jonathan Brownlee 4,501
4th Alistair Brownlee 4,006
5th Joao Periera 3,817

What can be said about the 2014 men’s season?  Well we have a deserved champion in Gomez but for me, besides the Brownlee brothers, there have been two really consistent stand out performers in Mario Mola and the ever improving Joao Periera.

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We are just days away from the Grand Final of the World Triathlon Series concluder in Edmonton Canada.  Its been an interesting season dominated by Spaniard Javier Gomez leading the men’s series for most of the season with four wins and American Gwen Jorgensen doing much the same after having four successive wins.


The penultimate round in Stockholm last weekend threw up a couple of surprises.  In the men’s race series leader Javier Gomez pulled out during the 5km run with stomach issues.  Straight out from a choppy 750m swim Jonathan and Alistair Brownlee pulled away from the pack with Richard Varga but, the Brownlees had to much for Varga and early on in the 5 loop 20km bike ride dropped him to make it a Brownlee 1-2 and a great battle to watch. Alistair gave no quarter and it was only in the last 750m when he glanced behind for a moment that brother Jonathan striked and gapped him and then turned up the hill sprinting for home with a final lead of 6 seconds.  With Gomez out this gave Jonathan a well deserved win but also reduced his points deficit to Gomez going into the final round in Edmonton.  There are more points up for grabs so the race is still on to see who will be crowned 2014 ITU World Triathlon champion.  With a difference of 282 points between the two, Brownlee would more or less need to win and Gomez  either drop out or come fifth or lower, not inconceivable, but the way Gomez has performed this season highly unlikely.  We can’t wait to see it all unfold.

Men’s Leader Board

Post Stockholm After 6 rounds
1 Javier Gomez 3,833
2 Jonathan Brownlee 3,551
3 Mario Mola 3,491
4 Joao Pereira 2,938
5 Richard Murray 2,911

In the women’s race with Gwen Jorgensen’s planned out Jodie Stimpson was pre race favourite.  But the Stockholm waters did not favour Stimpson who had a poor swim by her standards and that was ultimately the undoing of her Stockholm race and any chance to reduce the gap to Jorgensen.

Sarah Groff in comparison had an absolutely solid day at the office and claimed a well deserved first ITU WTS win. She took the race by the scruff of the neck straight out onto the run with a no nonsense break from transition that she maintained throughout the 5km run. She was chased , but never under threat, by a group of four that ultimately broke apart on the final sprint up the finishing hill to give a New Zealand second and third to Andrea Hewitt and Nicky Samuels.

 Women’s Leader Board

Post Stockholm After 7 rounds
1 Gwen Jorgensen 3,885
2 Sarah Groff 3,037
3 Jodie Stimpson 2,982
4 Helen Jenkins 2,903
5 Andrea Hewitt 2,735

But, lets analyse that Groff performance against Jorgensen.  Undoubtedly, they are just about the same on the swim but when it comes to the run Jorgensen is a good 30 seconds ahead.   On the bike in Hamburg there was only 6 seconds in it so again fairly close.







Swim 750m




Run 5km




So coming into Edmonton with a rested Jorgensen she has got to be top favourite to come away as the ITU WTS 2014 champion.   But anyone can have an off day, just look at Gomez in Stockholm, but you would never wish that upon anyone.

  • Do you agree that Gomez and Jorgensen will be crowned ITU WTS Champions?  
  • Who are your favourites to take the top spots in Edmonton?  

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ITU World Triathlon Series – Stockholm



American Sarah Groff took top spot today in Stockholm (1:03:00) ahead of a New Zealand second and third from Andrea Hewitt (1:03:04) and Nicky Samuels (1:03:05).  This was Groff’s first ITU title.  Jodie Stimpson who was the podium favourite, especially with series leader Gwen Jorgenson planned absence, could only manage 16th place (1:04:21) as she dropped 33 seconds on the swim and 35 seconds on the bike to race winner Groff.

The triathlon circus moves on to Edmonton Canada this coming weekend for the Grand Final.



This coming weekend is the ITU World Triathlon from Stockholm on Saturday August 23rd over a sprint distance, one week ahead of the Grand Final in Edmonton Canada. (Start details below).


Men’s race 

Confirmed on the start list are all the leading men in the field. The Spaniards  Javier Gomez & Mario Mola,  Brit Jonathan Brownlee and South African Richard Murray.  Alistair Brownlee who has been in recent top form, but not earlier on this year, will be looking to dislodge some of the top contenders. Who will take the Stockholm crown and lead the way into Edmonton one week later?

Men’s Leader Board

Going into Stockholm After 6 rounds
1 Javier Gomez 3,833
2 Jonathan Brownlee 3,337
3 Mario Mola 3,322
4 Richard Murray 2,615
5 Joao Pereira 2,609
6 Vincent Luis 2,134
7 Dmitry Polyansky 2,086
8 Alastair Brownlee 2,066
9 Aaron Royle 1,939
10 Fernando Alarza 1,702

Women’s race

Gwen Jorgensen (planned skip to concentrate on Edmonton) and Helen Jenkins (torn plantar fascia and now back in training on the bike) are not on the start list for Stockholm.  Jodie Stimpson (Commonwealth Games Winner) has a golden opportunity to grab some points and and get closer to Jorgensen ahead of the Grand Final in Edmonton.  But, she will have American Sarah Groff and the Canadian Kirsten Sweetland hot on her heels for that winners spot.  Not only will those two be battling with Stimpson but Italian Alice Betto and New Zealander Andrea Hewitt will also be pushing for podium slots.

Women’s Leader Board

Going into Stockholm After 6 rounds
1 Gwen Jorgensen 3,885
2 Jodie Stimpson 2,982
3 Helen Jenkins 2,666
4 Emma Jackson 2,419
5 Sarah Groff 2,228
6 Kirsten Sweetland 1,867
7 Sarah-Anne Brault 1,854
8 Alice Betto 1,804
9 Juri Ide 1,800
10 Emma Moffat 1,782


23/8/14 – Race start times

  • 12:46   Elite Men
  • 14:51   Elite Women

Water temperature currently 21C.  If over 22C on race day then it will be a non wetsuit race.



After 4 rounds of the ITU World Triathlon series the competition is really hotting up.

Elite Men Standings after 4 rounds

 Javier Gomez, Jonathan Brownlee and Mario Mola retain their top three positions in the same order although Mola closes the gap on Brownlee with his win in London.  Aaron Royle drops 2 places with South African Richard Murray and Ryan Bailie climbing to 4th and 5th respectively. Other movers being Joao Pereira and Alistair Brownlee who both climbed 6 places.  Its looking more and more like a four person contest but anything can happen so can’t wait for the next round in Chicago on June 27-29th.


Javier Gomez

After 3 Rounds After 4 Rounds
1 Javier Gomez 2400 2942
2 Jonathan Brownlee 2066 2652
3 Mario Mola 1837 2637
4 Richard Murray 1271 2011
5 Ryan Bailie 1173 1674
6 Aaron Royle 1517 1600
7 Vincent Luis 965 1394
8 Aaron Harris 1043 1333
9 Joao Pereira 642 1327
10 Alistair Brownlee 633 1266


Elite Women – Standings after 4 rounds

Gwen Jorgensen’s outstanding win in London and Jodie Stimpson’s less than expected effort means that they swapped 1st and 2nd places in the overall standings. They have two wins a piece thus far. Sarah Groff’s second place means she climbed 4 places to 3rd. Helen Jenkins remains in contention with that phenomenal run leg to give her 7th place and 4th in the standings. The Australian Emma Jackson’s third place and Italian Alice Betto’s fourth place means they have moved up the rankings whilst Canadian Sarah-Anne Brault and the German Anne Haug slip down.  There is still a long way to go so it still an open contest.


Gwen Jorgensen

After 3 Rounds After 4 Rounds
1 Gwen Jorgensen 1824 2642
2 Jodie Stimpson 2029 2396
3 Sarah Groff 1219 1959
4 Helen Jenkins 1425 1926
5 Emma Jackson 994 1679
6 Alice Betto 1015 1648
7 Sarah-Anne Brault 1331 1487
8 Anne Haug 1282 1282
9 Emma Moffat 1220 1220
10 Juri Ide 776 1115

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