UTMB 2013

The North Face Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc is a magnificent race through the mountains traversing three countries France, Italy, Switzerland and back into France. Chamonix is the epicenter for this race of 168km in which over 2,300 runners have 46 hours and 9,600 metres of vertical gain to complete. 

The mens race was won by Xavier Thevenard in a course record breaking time of 20:34:57, closely followed by Miguel Heras 20:54:08 and Javier Dominguez 21:17:38.

Even more stunning and my personal favourite performance of this weekend was Rory Bosio smashing the course record by over 2 hours in 22:37:26. Seeing her at the top of Tete Aux Vents singing away was just awesome. Second place was taken by a strong Nuria Picas in 24:32:20 and third was Emma Roca 24:32:20. 

All images are copyright – Ian Campbell – Photography

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