UTMB 2014

The North Face Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc took place during the last week of August 2014.  It’s a well established festival of trail running with five races over the course of the week.  Here are some images of the action from UTMB won by Francois D’Haene and Rory Bosio.

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The winners of this years races were as follows:

UTMB Men Women
1st Francois D’Haene 20:11:44 Rory Bosio 23:23:20
2nd Tofol Castanyer 20:55:42 Nuria Picas 24:54:26
3rd Iker Karrera 20:55:42 Nathalie Mauclair 25:47:35
Francois D'Haene leading it in at Tete aux Vents

Francois D’Haene leading it in at Tete aux Vents


Rory Bosio leading at Tetes aux Vents
Rory Bosio leading at Tetes aux Vents
CCC Men Women
1st Pau Bartolo 11:21:16 Annelise Rousset 14:28:48
2nd Christophe Perillat 11:50:47 Crsitina Bes Ginesta 14:43:55
3rd Anthony Gay 11:52:18 Aline Grimaud 15:11:36
Xavier Thevenard - TDS Winner

Xavier Thevenard – TDS Winner

TDS Men Women
1st Xavier Thevenard 14:10:37 Teresa Nimes Perez 18:41:12
2nd Samir Tamang 14:45:33 Lisa Borzani 19:40:54
3rd Jordi Bes 14:47:47 Nerea Martinez Urrozola 20:48:35

Race distances and details below:

  Distance Vert Time limit
UTMB 168km 9,600m 46hrs
CCC 101km 6,100m 26hrs
TDS 119km 7,250m 33hrs
PTL 300km 28,000m 142hrs
OCC 53km 3,300m 14hrs

All images are copyright – Ian Campbell – Photography

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