Ian Campbell is a motivational speaker.   Ian has tons of energy, enthusiasm and humour and this comes across in his talks.  

One of the main topics Ian covers is to think BIG whatever the level of the challenge. That way you will surpass even your own and others expectations.  He embraces the expression ‘you can’t eat an elephant in one go!’ through setting small achievable targets to achieve BIG challenges.  He has set up his own successful consultancy business in the financial services industry as well as providing a personal training and coaching service to runners.  He also finds the time to train and compete in several marathons and ultra races during the year.

What you will learn from Ian’s inspirational talks is to never give up. You will encounter setbacks along the way but it’s how you prepare and deal with them that matters and that will give you the strength and confidence to move forward.  A process of ‘succession in learning’ that will reap rewards in every part of your life.  It is all about enjoying the journey, learning to deal with stressful situations, enjoying the ups and learning from the downs and above all never giving up!

Whether you are about to start training for an event or about to commence a business or personal project you must listen to Ian.   Ian’s thoughtful insights and wealth of experience will make you think – is your challenge BIG enough!!!

If you would like to book Ian please contact him here.

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