I have been very fortunate to have traveled to many parts of the world. It started through a once in a lifetime work opportunity. Can you believe it, I was paid and sent to work in some of the most exotic locations around the world. Not only that but pretty much every weekend we could go off and explore the country or region we were located in.

IC TGC 2014

Here is a typical weekend in Mexico for example:  Mexico City Airport late Friday afternoon, fly off to Cancun, arrive late at a decent hotel, book dive trips, have a few beers and dinner and then hit bed for an early start. Dive two maybe three times on Saturday and an early shallow dive Sunday morning.  Spend rest of Sunday relaxing on beach. Head to the airport either Sunday night or even Monday morning. Back in the office to start planning and booking the following weekend!

I was lucky, I got to join an international audit team for a large US multinational.  The role was pretty much full on but with lots of r and r.  At the end of the year you would eagerly await the schedule for the following year. Where would you be going and who would you be travelling with?  Come January you would pack your bags and not come back to the UK for potentially the rest of the year. Typically six to nine months depending on where in the world you were sent.  So obviously for Europe you could come back to the UK but why the hell would you when you could explore every weekend. Places like Africa, Latin & Central  America there was no chance to come back for most likely nine months. Not everyone’s cup of tea but that’s why you sign up hey!

I have always enjoyed traveling and its been a part of my life ever since. So photography was a natural extension enabling me to record the numerous places and experiences. This was all back in the 1990’s before digital.

In 2000 I reconnected with my love of running having not run since leaving school where I was a fairly competitive cross country runner.  For me running is all about freedom and exploration.  Several years of road running gradually brought me to a natural transition to trail and off road events.  Now I mainly enjoy running several marathons and ultra races each year.

Distance Time
5K 18:10
10K 37:33
10M 62:30
Half Marathon 80:48
Marathon 2:51:46

The above all road PB’s set in my 40’s. I now pretty much exclusively race off road and either marathons and ultras.  Beachy Head & Steyning Stinger being my favourite trail marathons, best times being 3:35 & 3:40 respectively.  I have run several ultras – London to Brighton, Downlands 30 & Eco Trail de Paris being my favourites so far. I have some unfinished business with CCC, having DNF’d twice there through illness.

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