Coaching Services

I provide online coaching services to runners of all abilities. I have coached people to achieve half marathon, marathons, ultras and Marathon des Sables success. One of my clients even trained for a treadmill marathon (completed in less than 3:30)!.

There will always be an initial consultation by phone or skype at the start of any program so that we can get to know each other, understand what training background you have and to establish what are your goals, motivation and timeframes.

From there we will agree a monthly training plan, taking into account your goal event, timeframe and time availability for training.  As I am trained in personal training and nutrition  we will use a holistic approach to not only running but also to the type and frequency of strength and conditioning training that you should be doing as well nutrition pre, during and post event.

Every month we will communicate on what has happened during that past month and go through the next months training plan and objectives. Of course, if there are any questions throughout the month then they can be emailed and dealt with as they occur. That is an important aspect as it will be paramount in determining the next months training plan and whether we are on or off course for the goal objective or that whether the training and/or goal needs to be revised.

So to summarise:

  • Initial Consultation by phone/skype
  • Monthly training plan
  • Monthly communication on progress
  • Q&A via email during the month.


Monthly charge of £75 payable three months in advance.

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