Day 1 Results & Headlines

Stage 1 – 34km

  • Defending champion Rachid El Morabity leads by only a few seconds after stage 1 from fellow Moroccans Moudouji & El Mouaziz.  
  • Russia’s Natalia Sedyhk takes an early lead after stage 1 and 34km to lead the women’s race from MDS newcomer Nathalie Mauclair. Defending Champion Elisabet Barnes is in third place 40 minutes off the lead. 
  • Top Brits – David Helland is top Brit in 20th place overall followed by Alastair King in 22nd place.  Top female Brit is Maree Jesson in 78th place overall 04:51:31.

Men’s Race

1  Rachid El Morabity 03:10:29
2  Hammou Ou Mohammed Moudouji  03:10:45
3  Abdelkader El Mouaziz 03:11:04
4  Jose Manuel Martinez 03:20:30
5  Erik Clavery 03:25:52

 Sondre Amdahl – 9th, Jason Schlarb 15th, Marco Olmo 19th.

Women’s Race

1 Natalia Sedyhk  03:40:20
2 Nathalie Mauclair  03:57:30
3 Elisabet Barnes  04:10:57
4 Elisabeth Howard  04:17:50
5 Fernanda Maciel  04:22:49


Top Brit’s 

1  David Hellard (20th overall)  03:50:43
2  Alastair King (22nd overall)  03:53:19
3  Peter Cromie (27th overall)  03:56:16
4  Kristian Morgan (29th overall) 04:00:29
5  Michael Smith (35th overall) 04:12:53



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